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Answered Prayers...and the Young Robin

If you have looked at my website or come to visit my studio I hope that you have noticed that I find power and meaning in the living word of God.  I try to celebrate it through my work.  It is a gift back to Him. After all, He has been so faithful...not only to give me time (some) and ability (some), but to bless me in immeasurable ways.

Let me share with you the following story.  It is an example of how amazing the Lord truly is.  Read this and tell me that He does not work things together for good!  That He is not a loving God, noticing tiny details of our lives.

Four or five years ago I had come to a place where painting felt like an indulgence and I worried that it has become self-serving.  I was struggling to see the value in the time I spent away from my family and household responsibilities. I wanted to be able to use my time for His glory and was ready to give it up if  I hold it with an open hand. My prayer was that He show me if my art could be used for Him...and at the time I could not imagine how. 

Three months later I received the following email.  Needless to say, He answered my prayers.  Make sure read it to the end.
Dear Molly,
I feel compelled to write you this e-mail as I feel that God is telling me to let you know how much one painting can mean to a person.

My husband and I visited Asheville the last week of October and happened upon your studio. I remember coming in and seeing all the wonderful paintings and being greeted by such sweet women praising your work. I remember seeing the picture of the Robin that you painted and wanting it but just not feeling that I should allow myself to indulge in that expense at the time. We ended up leaving the studio and walking around and my husband brought up the picture again. It had special significance as my maiden name is Robins and David and I loved to watch the birds out in our backyard on the feeder. We both loved the frame, too, and all in all it we decided that it would be worth the price and would be a wonderful reminder of our fabulous 20th Anniversary trip. He convinced me to come back and purchase it and I remember how happy everyone was that we did.

We waited in anticipation of it's arrival and found a wonderful spot in our family room where it hangs today! So many people have commented on this picture! It is so special!

Well, on January 16th, David had a massive heart attack and instantly went to be with the Lord! It is so painful and devastating that I really don't know if I will ever get over the shock and pain of losing him. He was only 41 years old and had no symptoms of anything being wrong.

On Sunday afternoon, I was sitting with two of my girls in our family room and I got up to let the dog out. I heard birds singing outside. It was a cold overcast day around 1:30 in the afternoon. The sound brought a smile to my face. I raced to get the bird seed that we had by our back door and put more seed out so that the birds would have something to eat on that cold day! As I looked towards the back fence I began to see Robins. There must have been over 300 of them! It was amazing! They were flying back and forth from tree to tree and they were everywhere. There was one in particular that had a brilliant red breast that sat still on the tree above an angel that we have as the centerpiece of our garden. They must have been there for at least 45 minutes and then they were gone. We have seen an occasional Robin in our yard but never a group like that. We feel it was the presence of God giving us comfort and hope.

Your painting means the world to me now. It was special before - but now it is priceless to me!

Just wanted you to know that you never know how God can work through you to minister to someone! Thanks for the gift of your picture! Keep painting!



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