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The Laurel of Asheville features Molly& her mother Bee Sieburg

photo by Leah Shapiro for The Laurel of Asheville

The following is a small write-up from the June issue of The Laurel of Asheville.  We loved meeting Leah Shapiro who conducted the interview and were even pleased with the photograph that she took!  (How often does that happen?!  And she only took a few!  Way to go, Leah!)  How wonderful that she was able to capture our style, work, and personalities in this short piece.  Thank you, Leah, for the job well done!  Bravo!

  Shop Talk:  Molly Courcelle and Bee Sieburg
 Molly Courcelle and her mother Bee Sieburg create oil paintings that inspire feelings of joy. Their passion for art and optimism for life run in the family. Sharing a talent for floral design, they opened The Gardener’s Cottage in Biltmore Village, which they sold in 2004. Bee’s paintings can still be purchased there. They also teach full-day oil painting workshops together twice a year.

Molly’s works are as much about the process as they are about the final image. “They’re based on flowers and plants, but have a spiritual quality to them,” says Molly, whose Christian faith plays an important role in her art. Her style is abstract, but starts from a point of nature, such as a leaf or stem. Her paintings are peaceful and serene.

“I like to paint things that make my heart sing,” says Bee. Her works are largely based on photographs she takes, and her subjects are often interiors, landscapes, and animals like cows. Representational and impressionist, Bee’s unique style is free and energetic.

Molly & Bee’s working studios are located on the second floor (2A) in The Wedge, 129 S. Roberts Street in the River Arts District. For more information, visit, and


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